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  For improvement of GRAVURE OFF SET PRINTING technology, transfer printing method of BLANKET ROLL parts has developed. Due to this outstanding technology, The paste(ink) is attached on the Roll more uniformly and printed patterns more precisely comparing with conventional type one such as OFF SET or GRAVURE OFF SET. As a result, It can get a precision and good reproducibility.
  - Effective printing area is from 300Ąż400 up to 1200Ąż1600.
- It is able to print 1~4 colors pattern.
- It is able to print precise pattern by AUTO-ALIGNMENT and MECHANICAL ALIGNMENT CONTROL devices.
- According to customer needs, It can equip the continuous drying system. (Production Efficiency)
- It is applicable in printing of R.G.B. matrix and various electrode for LCD fields
- It is usable in printing of color filter? for e-paper.
- It is possible to produce kinds of electrode and diode for OLED and LCD.