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  This M/C has introduced the In-line type printing device technology involved input - printing - output - drying units by forward type operation. It has improved printing efficiency by matching both Screen mesh technology and paste technology.
  - It can adjust exact location of printing area by Auto-Alignment controlling device.
- It is based on forwarding continuous operating from feeding to out put.
- Drying unit such as UV, IR, HOT AIR is selectable depending on kinds of paste (ink)
- It is usable in color filter for e-paper.
- It is possible to produce electrode and diode for OLED and LCD.
- Effective printing area is from 300Ąż400 to 800Ąż1000.
- Proper substrate thickness is from 0.05 to 2.00mm.

Applied to SOLAR CELL, LCD, OLED, PCB, general wide printed products fields.